Brinkley Family Genealogy

Yancey County, NC



Latitude: 35.8888970, Longitude: -82.3451890


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRINKLEY, Alexander  1841Yancey County, NC I307
2 BRINKLEY, Billie Roscoe  10 Jul 1910Yancey County, NC I536
3 BRINKLEY, Clifford  17 Jun 1912Yancey County, NC I445
4 BRINKLEY, David Don Coleman  16 Aug 1856Yancey County, NC I116
5 BRINKLEY, David Hulon  19 Apr 1892Yancey County, NC I275
6 BRINKLEY, Dorothy Elizabeth  31 Jul 1915Yancey County, NC I446
7 BRINKLEY, Ethel N.  10 Feb 1909Yancey County, NC I444
8 BRINKLEY, Francis Christina  23 May 1854Yancey County, NC I115
9 BRINKLEY, Genevieve  18 Aug 1925Yancey County, NC I527
10 BRINKLEY, James Monroe  9 Mar 1856Yancey County, NC I181
11 BRINKLEY, James Nelson  13 Apr 1878Yancey County, NC I408
12 BRINKLEY, Joe  15 Jul 1917Yancey County, NC I1722
13 BRINKLEY, John Cornelius  21 Jan 1854Yancey County, NC I180
14 BRINKLEY, Kermit William  29 Feb 1908Yancey County, NC I413
15 BRINKLEY, Margaret W.  5 Dec 1842Yancey County, NC I174
16 BRINKLEY, Mary Elizabeth  31 Dec 1834Yancey County, NC I117
17 BRINKLEY, Mary Jane  17 Jun 1860Yancey County, NC I183
18 BRINKLEY, Nancy Lurena  21 Sep 1850Yancey County, NC I114
19 BRINKLEY, Samuel Griffith  21 Sep 1850Yancey County, NC I90
20 BRINKLEY, Sara Emaline  1 Mar 1852Yancey County, NC I175
21 BRINKLEY, Wayman E.  30 Aug 1906Yancey County, NC I1723
22 BRINKLEY, William Edward  24 Mar 1852Yancey County, NC I179
23 HONEYCUTT, Joseph Penland  28 Jan 1860Yancey County, NC I188
24 HONEYCUTT, Sally B.  14 Feb 1884Yancey County, NC I412
25 MCCURRY, Berthel Magruder  20 May 1863Yancey County, NC I436
26 MCCURRY, Lodimma  30 Aug 1860Yancey County, NC I186
27 MCCURRY, Sarah L.  20 Jun 1858Yancey County, NC I185
28 MORROW, Margaret Lucretia  25 Mar 1856Yancey County, NC I1537
29 PARROTT, Rosa Lee  4 Oct 1880Yancey County, NC I443
30 ROBINSON, Annie  12 Jan 1910Yancey County, NC I1724
31 ROBINSON, John Lawrence  12 Jan 1910Yancey County, NC I447
32 SILVER, David Hamilton  1843Yancey County, NC I178
33 STYLES, Hattie  1870Yancey County, NC I1721
34 WRIGHT, Bertha  7 May 1895Yancey County, NC I277


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRINKLEY, David M.  11 Jul 1906Yancey County, NC I160
2 BRINKLEY, Joe  30 Dec 1919Yancey County, NC I1722
3 BRINKLEY, Margaret W.  15 Oct 1907Yancey County, NC I174
4 BRINKLEY, Nancy Lurena  16 Sep 1915Yancey County, NC I114
5 MCCURRY, Berthel Magruder  8 Dec 1930Yancey County, NC I436
6 MCCURRY, Lodimma  21 Nov 1946Yancey County, NC I186
7 MCCURRY, Mack Silas  29 Dec 1883Yancey County, NC I1679
8 SHERRILL, Martha  13 Mar 1920Yancey County, NC I184
9 SILVER, David Hamilton  26 Jan 1885Yancey County, NC I178
10 SILVER, Greenberry  27 Jan 1883Yancey County, NC I1949
11 SMITH, Hannah E.  4 Aug 1904Yancey County, NC I1680
12 WILSON, Martha Rufina  20 May 1903Yancey County, NC I161
13 WOODY, Sarah E.  16 Mar 1873Yancey County, NC I1950
14 WRIGHT, William Sidney  10 May 1933Yancey County, NC I1720


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BRINKLEY, David M.  1880Yancey County, NC I160
2 BRINKLEY, James Monroe  1880Yancey County, NC I181
3 BRINKLEY, John Cornelius  1880Yancey County, NC I180
4 BRINKLEY, Lennie B.  1880Yancey County, NC I402
5 BRINKLEY, Lillie J.  1880Yancey County, NC I409
6 BRINKLEY, Mallie G.  1880Yancey County, NC I410
7 BRINKLEY, William Edward  1880Yancey County, NC I179
8 MCCURRY, Sarah L.  1880Yancey County, NC I185
9 SHERRILL, Martha  1880Yancey County, NC I184
10 WILSON, Martha Rufina  1880Yancey County, NC I161